Energy-based Intelligence

Factor.E enables manufacturers to achieve intelligent digitalization and networking of production equipment by monitoring electrical power usage. Regardless of equipment type and age, availability of industrial networks or even digital interfaces in your production equipment, our software platform brings the digital revolution of the Internet of Things to your shopfloor. Machine learning and pattern matching algorithms analyse high speed, high volume data on the fly in order to extract equipment- and product-specific information in real time. Energy data is captured with minimal integration effort by cost effective, plug and play hardware at the mains electrical intake of equipment. Energy use is transformed to a rich source of information on performance and efficiency

Shopfloor and Energy Management

Our FactorE.OS platform is the one stop shopfloor and energy management solution for manufacturing companies that strive for excellence. We monitor your production and provide critical information on performance, energy efficiency and capacity utilisation in real time. Big data algorithms analyse thousands of events per second, calculate and visualise key performance indicators and evaluate improvement potentials and real time reactions to ensure production targets are met. Energy and shopfloor management are combined in one innovative approach that is effortless to deploy, use and maintain as an additive IT layer that integrates seamlessly into your daily workflows. We offer a flexible IoT platform that automates and minimises shopfloor data acquisition.

The one-stop digitisation solution

Plug-and-work, off-the-self hardware & flexible, cloud-based software


Real-time operational awareness

Our innovative software platform automatically gathers and analyses your shopfloor data in real time, monitoring productivity, equipment utilisation and resource consumption while helping you identify improvement potentials and eliminate waste. All of this is achieved by analysing equipment energy use in real time.

Productivity and efficiency indicators (KPIs) are calculated by a cloud based platform and visualised in real time in browser-based, user configurable web-dashboards. Improvement measures and actions are derived and communicated to specified stakeholders. Transparency enables for improvements while actionable data and notifications help you react to disturbances and proactively increase productivity.



Transparency for every shopfloor

Key performance indicators, such as OEE, for productivity and energy use per product, for resource consumption are calculated and visualised on the fly. Key members of your team are supproted by role-specific dashboards and custom notifications that fit their specific needs. Equipment dashboards provide a real time view of production execution to operators and maintenace personnel, while higher level dashboards and automated reporting aggregates information for managers. The history of your production is easily accessible via a dedicated cloud-based database.


Real time decision support

Intelligent state-of-the-art algorithms capable of analysing high volume data provide you with real time insights on system behaviour. FactorE.OS monitors for performance deviations and triggers alarms and reactions to ensure a stable manufacturing environment. Optimisation routines identify and highlight unproductive machine times and provide real time decision support via actionable data. Alarms and notifications provide constant feedback with regard to production execution and resource efficiency.

Key Benefits

Cost Reduction

  • Productivity gains of at least 10% by tracking shopfloor activity in real time and actionable data as well as energy savings of up to 30% via transparency and proactive energy management can be expected.
  • Profit from an effortless hardware deployment that takes 30 minutes per machine with standard off-the-shelf components.
  • Reduce IT costs with a cloud-based infrastructure with transparent SaaS pricing model. No hidden hardware, installation and maintenace costs, all future updates included.


  • Higly scalable cloud resources are dynamically assigned to ensure redundancy and minimise downtime.
  • A software stack that is cloud-provider-agnostic.
  • Industrial-grade hardware from renown providers that can be easily maintened and serviced by your own technicians.


  • Connect old and new equipment. Energy-based intelligence covers older and legacy systems. Modern equipment can be connected via OPCua. Attach additional sensors effortlessly.
  • Integrate FactorE.OS seamlessly in your IT environment with our API system.
  • Limitless scalability allows you to easily connect additional machines, production lines or different locations without compromising performance.
  • Access your data and monitor production from any web-capable device.


  • State-of-the-art encryption for data communication and VPN hardware connectivity.
  • Dedicated cloud resources guarantee data privacy and anonymity.
  • Data centers are exclusively located in Europe, while hybrid-cloud and on-premise installations are available.


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